Measuring the Success of Your Change Management Plan

Monitoring of change management activities is essential to measure the impact of change management. There are many ways to measure the success of a change management plan, such as user adoption, utilization, speed of adoption, perception surveys, training delivery, user competence, behaviors, etc. It can be overwhelming to decide what works best in your situation. Employee engagement is also an important factor to consider when measuring the success of a change management plan.

You can measure employee engagement by conducting surveys and interviews, or by tracking the number of employees participating in project activities and the amount of feedback they provide. Additionally, you can collect data on turnover rates to measure how many employees remain with your company during changes. It's also important to regularly collect employee feedback on organizational changes. To measure the effectiveness of change management initiatives, you can track metrics such as processing payroll time, employee journey before and after implementation, and the connection between change management metrics and business metrics.

By keeping track of these change management metrics, you can ensure that your efforts generate real business value.

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