How does change affect organizational structure?

When growth requires new employees, the organizational structure can no longer remain flexible because employees must coordinate and be accountable. Creating the necessary rules and functions makes the structure more mechanical. According to organizational change management, the acquisition or merger with another company has a profound effect on the organizational structure. Eliminating duplicate departments manages costs, but talent from both companies can be used in the resulting corporate structure.

However, job functions will be modified to adapt them to the company's business model and management positions may also be eliminated. Consequently, the study analyzes research design, organization selection, data collection and analysis. For example, if the backlog of archived files is so large that it is necessary to create an archiving department, this can change the flow of information in the company and have a significant effect on the corporate structure. Finally, they will feel that they own the planned change and are more likely to accept it.

It may involve a change in the company's structure, strategy, policies, procedures, technology, or culture. In organizations that learn, experimenting, learning new things and reflecting on new knowledge are the norms. The results section begins with a brief description of the individual case studies, and then a cross-case analysis concludes the section, developing the model of approaches to changing the organizational structure. When implementing people-centered change, leadership must keep in mind that employees will naturally resist change.

It involves ensuring that the change is permanent and that new habits, rules, or procedures become the norm. Change planners should argue that there is an external or internal threat to the organization's competitiveness, reputation, or sometimes even survival, and that inaction will have undesirable consequences. However, the organizational climate, which is an essential variable for measuring the success of ERPs, is mostly underused. To study a change in organizational structure, the analysis employs a multi-case study research design, focusing on four organizations.

If your company was used to allowing departments to be autonomous, the shift to a centralized way of doing business will result in changes to the company's structure. While any structure that isn't properly managed will be fraught with problems, some organizational models are better equipped for particular environments and tasks.

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