How to Keep Employees Open-Minded During Times of Change

Leaders should take a personal retreat before the new year or at the beginning of the year to gain clarity, alignment, and energy for change. Every year, review 10- and 3-year plans and create a one-year plan that identifies SMART goals related to both personal and business matters. Then, create an action plan for how to achieve these goals. To ensure that employees are aware of the changes, it is important to communicate effectively with them.

Set expectations for change at the beginning of the plan and hold a business meeting to provide details and answer questions. Offer guidance or training for organizational change to help employees understand why changes occur. This can boost ownership and engagement, and prevent resistance or rejection. Empower employees to modify their behavior by eliminating obstacles that prevent them from working to achieve change.

Clear and focused communication is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Make adaptations for employees in times of organizational change and train company leaders before and during times of change so that they feel safe when running the company. Being open-minded is much more than just having an attitude; it is expressed through attitudes and actions. It means being receptive to everything and everyone that comes your way, allowing you to take advantage of diverse possibilities and opportunities, perspectives, suggestions and concerns.

Encourage open-mindedness in others by exchanging ideas regularly with colleagues or employees; accepting respectful criticism without bitterness; appreciating and celebrating other people's achievements; being flexible in modifying tasks, tasks or schedules; asking for feedback from company members, as well as from customers, collaborators and service providers. Organizational change is generally sought because it is believed that the transition will allow a company to operate at a higher level and become more efficient, productive, innovative and profitable.

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