Ensuring Effective Change Management for Organizational Success

Organizations must ensure that their change management process is effective in order to achieve successful organizational transformation.

Change management

is the systematic approach and application of knowledge, tools and resources to deal with change. It involves defining and adopting corporate strategies, structures, procedures and technologies to manage changes in external conditions and the business environment. The main objective of change management is to successfully implement new processes, products and business strategies while minimizing negative outcomes.

Prosci's research shows a direct correlation between effective change management and compliance with the schedule and budget. When evaluating training options, look for a program that emphasizes organizational change as financial success depends on how deeply the people in the organization accept the change. There are numerous models of change available for employers to consider, such as John Kotter's ADKAR model which describes what a person needs to make a successful change. Organizational change management is the set of actions that help generate awareness, desire, knowledge, capacity and reinforcement throughout the organization. The change management team will work with employees to ensure that the change is implemented correctly and that everyone is in agreement.

Companies must constantly evolve and adapt to face a variety of challenges, from changes in technology to the emergence of new competitors, changes in laws, regulations or underlying economic trends. Good short-term victories have unequivocal results, are visible to many people and are clearly related to the effort for change. When your goals and change documentation are centralized and easy to find, your team doesn't have to waste time searching for important information. One-on-one conversations help individual team members analyze how the change will affect them, determine their level of commitment, and choose how they will act. The creation of a new organization, the design of new work processes and the implementation of new technologies may never reach their full potential without the collaboration of your staff. Companies make the difficult decision to close all or part of their operations for many reasons, such as economic recession, market crash, bankruptcy, sale, realignment of operations, reduction of staff, reorganization, outsourcing or loss of contracts. It is essential for organizations to ensure that their change management process is effective in order to achieve successful organizational transformation.

To do this they must have a plan in place that helps employees through the transition while also considering various models of change available for employers. The ADKAR model should be used as a guide when implementing changes while also ensuring that goals and documentation are centralized and easy to find. One-on-one conversations should be used to help individual team members understand how changes will affect them and determine their level of commitment.

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