10 Steps to Successfully Implement Change in Your Organization

If you want to ensure successful change implementation in your organization, you need to have a strong change management strategy. Chet Holmes, an acclaimed corporate trainer and business growth expert, is considered a master of implementation. As an expert in the field, I have compiled 10 steps based on his experience that you can use to successfully implement new concepts, policies, changes and growth in your organization. Organizational growth and staying competitive requires change management.

The way change is managed has a far-reaching impact beyond any single project and reflects the culture of the organization. TinyPulse by Limeade18 W Mercer St Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98119 can help people overcome barriers and maintain change as part of the organization's new culture. When implementing any change, there will be people who are excited about it. It is the responsibility of organizational leaders to manage change efforts to minimize any negative impact on employees. If you find an employee who is resistant to new processes, procedures, or software updates, it is important to be direct and manage the change or help them move forward. Prosci, a leader in change management, has identified three phases in successful change management:

  • Establishing a sense of urgency
  • Creating a guiding coalition
  • Developing a vision and strategy
Once you have identified solutions, the next step is to turn each of them into an initiative.

To help you transition to a new leadership role, here's an overview of organizational change and how to implement it correctly. Employees can be resistant to any effort for change. To measure the magnitude of organizational change, you can use a spectrum that ranges from adaptive to transformative change. It is important for employees to understand the reason for a change and to participate in the creation of the new process. Once the change has been implemented, it is important to evaluate how it works and if it has yielded the expected results. If you want to learn more about managing change in your organization, John Kotter's book Leading Change, With a New Preface is an excellent resource that I highly recommend.

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